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There is a growing body of evidence proving that type-2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiac disease, deadly as they are, can be reversed through proper nutrition. However, not many doctors are trained and equipped with the knowledge and the tools needed to prevent and reverse these diseases through food, so many people take it upon themselves to find which diets would work optimally for the conditions they have. The problem is, there are scores of conflicting nutritional advice readily available online. This website aims to present studies and researches about the connection between nutrition and various diseases through articles, podcasts, and short videos that are very easy to understand.

Study Finds No Protection from Colon Cancer for Older Women from Calcium, Vitamin D
Contrary to common belief based on previous studies, it appears that calcium and vitamin D do not help older women from developing colon cancer, according to findings of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2006. A study of 36,000 healthy women past menopause who took regular supplements of calcium and vitamin found the same risk of colon cancer as a test group of women who took a placebo. This study differs from previous studies in important ways; for example, it is the first long-term clinical trial to specifically look at colorectal cancer in women not already at high risk, according to Jean Wactawski-Wende, PhD., the lead author. Other medical experts say this study may not be definitive, because it may not have been long enough.

Calcium and Milk from the Harvard School of Public Health
Is milk your only option for making sure that you get enough calcium in your diet? Not so, according to two schools of thought. The pro-milk side believes that three glasses of milk a day will prevent osteoporosis, which leads to more than 1.5 million fractures and 300,000 broken hips. The other side believes that consuming a lot of milk and dairy products will have little effect on the rate. This article doesn’t take any particular side, but explains what is currently known about the use of calcium in the body. It covers what calcium is, where calcium comes from and what osteoporosis is.

p> Vegan Diet Basics
This site has everything you’d like to know about vegetarian eating from The Vegetarian Journal. Topics include introduction to vegetarian eating, a position paper from the American Diabetic Association about vegetarian eating, easy vegan menus, calcium in the vegan diet, choosing a dietician, feeding vegan kids, healthy fast food for kids, iron in the vegetarian diet, getting protein in your vegan diet and vegan nutrition during pregnancy and childhood. The importance of Vitamin B12 is also noted, as is a senior’s guide to vegan eating.

Diet to Prevent Colon Cancer
This web page discusses ways to reduce the risk of colon cancer. It says that new research into diet and colon cancel has found that some previously suspect foods are okay, while confirming that other foods, such as processed meats, do indeed increase the risk. Thus, voicing red and processed meat in your diet continues as a mantra for preventing colon cancer. Processed meats are especially bad. Over 10 years, consuming once ounce of processed meat five to six times a week for men, and two to three times a week for women, increased the risk of cancer in the lower colon and rectum by 50 percent. The American Cancer Society recommends a largely plant-based diet with limited amounts of meat. Some good news is that dietary fat is no longer a bogeyman in colon cancern. Healhty fats, such as found in plant sources or fatty fish like salman, can be healthy. It also recommends low alcohol consumer, and getting calcium, though not high amounts.


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