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Elements of Good Bicycling Form
Because the bike section is the longest portion of the triathlon, both in distance and time, it is important to feel comfortable and efficient while riding. If you can learn to become smooth on the bike, you will be able to save energy for the final run portion of the triathlon. There are several skills that you can practice in order to become a better cyclist. First, achieve a high cadence. Cadence is defined as the number of rotations per minute of your pedals. You can determine your cadence by counting how many times your right foot does a complete pedal circle within 10 seconds, then multiply by 6 for total rotations per minute. A good goal cadence is around 90 rotations per minute. This is equivalent to 15 pedal rotations of your right foot in 10 seconds. This may feel fast and awkward at first, but will get more comfortable. Shifting is also imperative, so you can stay at or near the cadence of 90 rotations per minute. In addition, you should practice achieving a circular pedal stroke. The rest of this article gives good cycling tips for a triathlon

Best Comfort Bikes
A comfort bike is the ultimate ride when it comes to ease and relaxation. Unlike other kinds of bikes, comfort bikes come with features that ensure convenience and comfort no matter the terrain. However, not all comfort bikes are the same. If you want maximum comfort, you need to choose one that really fits your needs. This resource will help you understand the different features of the comfort bike so you can find the best one for you. The article will help you figure out which comfort bike to get in terms of the material, the frame size, the gears, the suspension, the brakes, and the wheel size.

6 Types of Cycling You Should Try
Riding a bicycle is an activity that gives a ton of advantages. Aside from boosting physical health and fitness, cycling also gives improves mental and social health. But unknown to many, there are different types of cycling disciplines, which bring different benefits for the body. This article by Jessica Strange lists six types of cycling and explains how each type benefits the cyclist. The first type is BMX cycling, which is not only fun but also improves bike handling confidence and effective pumping. Tandem riding focuses on teamwork and enhances trust between teammates. Cyclocross works every muscle in the body, track cycling develops effective cadence; mountain riding gives a full body workout; and road cycling develops endurance, pacing, and energy management.

Maintaining Your Bike Seat and Tires
Maintaining your bicycle, including the bike tires, is vital for triathletes who put wear and tear on their bikes during training and races. Most mechanical problems during an event are the result of poor maintenance and inspection. This website offers a standard maintenance program for your bicycle, which includes inspecting handlebars, checking releases on bicycle wheels, testing bike brakes, inspecting the saddle, inflating tires and more.

If you live and breathe cycling, then Cycling News is for you. This website, which is a product of Immediate Media, brings up-to-date news about cycling, cycling race reports and results, profiles of cycling teams from different countries, cycling gear and paraphernalia reviews, articles and features on cycling technology, a calendar of cycling races all over the world, and a forum where cycling enthusiasts come together to talk about different cycling topics. The website also features blogs by Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Marc Madiot, Leah Kirchmann, and Michael Woods, among others. You can also find a Daily Deals section where you can get cycling gear at great prices.

How You Can Lose Weight While Cycling
Losing weight though cycling is not as easy as it looks, but triathlete and certified personal trainer Selene Yeager has some tips to make it easier. According to her, a recent study showed that spinning the pedals for 20 minutes before breakfast can burn fat better. She also recommends sprinting down the street, wearing of fitted pants while cycling, and one hour of off-road biking. You can also try a 10-minute climb on a hill in alternate standing and sitting on your bike, or just be a regular bike commuter. For eating while cycling, Selene has some suggestions too.

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