Resources for Better Child Safety

Keeping Kids Safe Online by
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reminds all the kids to be safe online, whether at home or in school, and offers an FBI program for schools. First, never give out their address, telephone number and other personal information on chat rooms or bulletin boards. Second, never reply to anyone who has sent you inappropriate message or photos. Third, never meet someone or visit them on your own without asking approval from your parents. Next, donít believe if someone online tells you that he or she is an old as you. You never know, that person could an older man who simply wants to victimize you. The FBI reminds us that one in seven children have experienced unwanted sexual solicitations online.

Safety in the Home with a Child with Autism
This Living with Autism section of the Autism Society of America website provides a good deal of information about the special concerns and issues parents of autistic children face in making the home safe. A few of the special safety concerns of autistic children are climbing, throwing, breaking, jumping, peeling, cutting, pulling down, throwing utensils, plates and cups, sweeping items off surfaces, dumping drawers and bins, and climbing out of or breaking windows. Additionally, behaviors such as touching hot items, chewing on electrical chords, putting metal objects into electrical outlets and the like make it mandatory that the caregivers of Autistic children take special care in "childproofing" a home. This article deals extensively with ways to child-proof a home for an autistic child and ways to help train an autistic child to recognize dangers around the home. If you have an autistic child or if you are the caregiver for an autistic child, this site is a must-read.

What Kids Need to Know About Dogs
This site has useful resources on dog and puppy training and how pet-owners can teach themselves to become dog-training experts. The resources teach how a close observation of a dog's behavior and a corresponding adept interpretation can make owners understand their dogs better. There are other sections in these resources that address interesting approaches and techniques to train kids on the same, to ensure that their interactions with their dog or puppy is safe and without bites, unless it is a friendly nip or two. The resources are suited for teenagers or children who are newly introduced to dogs and puppies and wish to find a memorable companion in them.

Safe Kids
The National SAFE KIDS Campaign is the first and only national non-profit organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury: the number one killer of children ages 14 and under. More than 300 state and local SAFE KIDS coalitions in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico comprise the Campaign. Children's National Medical Center and Founding Sponsor Johnson and Johnson launched the campaign. Site includes links to public policy, safety education activities for kids, conference information, research information, certifications, a resource catalog and safety seat guide.

How to Protect Your Child from Drowning
Parents whose children have drowned say that the day of the tragedy started out just like any other day. No matter how the drowning happened or where it happened—pool, spa, or any other body of water—one thing was the same: the seconds that claimed their child's life slid by silently, without warning, and can never be brought back. Water safety tips are offered by the Mayo Clinic website as part of its infant and toddler health information, including attending children by pool side, using alarms on each door that leads to the pool, installing a motor-driven safety pool cover, safeguarding pools with fences and self-closing and self-latching gate use. The site also a lot of other child safety information as well.

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