Game of Pool/Billiards Resources

Pool and Billiards Articles by PoolDawg Academy
The website of PoolDawg Academy provides several articles on pool and billiards by professional players. Topics covered include instruction, from bank and cut shots to safety plays, the physics of billiards, the stretch, the throw, breaking, the kiss out, bar rules, hustling, gambling, the official rules of pool, and 3-cushion billiards. Examples of articles: 6 Tips for Mastering the Mechanical Bridge, How to Aim a Cut Shot, How Does Tip Hardness Affect Spin, The Beauty of Cneter Table, The Best Little Kick Shot in the World, Four Hook Banking System, Does Pool Cue Length Really Matter, and Gasp! Your Duide to Billiards Breathing. The site also has sections on billards basics, instructional videos, guest instructors, maintenance tips and buying guides.

Pool Videos and Other Resources
The famous pool instructor Dr. Dave presents pool videos, links and instructional articles. The pool videos available use slow motion to help players identify precise movements to improve their billiard skills. Includes a link to Dr. Dave's pool book.

The Finer Points of Pool
This site isn't really for beginners. If you're new to the art of pool playing you're better off getting your feet wet on another site. This site is run by a pool player named David Siltz and basically recounts his own experiences and the experiences of a few of his friends, as they have played pool, billiards, and snooker all across the U.S. One of the nice things about this site are the description of a wide variety of different games and challenging set-ups that can be played on a billiard or pool table. Games such as Playing God, Crucial Banks, End-Game Banks, Connecting The Dots, Shotmakers Workout and many others. You'll also find lots of stories and antidotes about pool and billiard playing.

Brief History of Billiards and Pool
If you love billiards and pool, you will find it interesting on how the game started. First of all, the term billiard is believed to have been derived from the French words billart, one of the wooden sticks, or bille, a ball, and that the game is being played since the 1600s. On the other hand, the word pool means a collective bet. Although this term is also used other games that involves pool such as poker, it became more attached to pocket billiards. For more information on the rich history of the game, you can read the condensed version of A Brief History of the Noble Game of Billiards article by Mike Shamos, posted here at

Snookers Club
This is a place on the Internet for all things snookers and pool. It provides news from U.S. Open Championships and other tournaments, and professional news and United Kingdom amateur information. A tournament diary as well as links to local leagues and a forum to discuss snookers, including 8-Ball and 9-Ball, is also provided. A wealth of snookers and pool links are offered.

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