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Cycling BMX
Bicycle motocross, also known as BMX, is not just a hobby; it is also an official international sport and is an Olympic event. Tracing its roots in California in the late 1960s, BMX gained traction around the 1970s and became an official international sport in 1993 upon its integration into the International Cycling Union. BMX debuted as an Olympic sport in the Beijing Games in 2008, with Maris Strombergs of Latvia bagging the gold medal in the menís event and Anne-Caroline Chausson of France winning the gold for the womenís event. BMX is considered the newest of all the Olympic cycling disciplines, with eight participants trying to best each other on a track designed with different obstacles.

Bike Sizing Guide & Charts
Online shopping is very popular nowadays because of the ease and convenience it brings. One just needs to choose a product and its specifications, enter the payment information and wait for the item to be delivered. If only the same thing could be done for bicycles! Well, buying a bike online is now possible, and one does not even have to worry about buying the wrong bike size. This article from Bicycle Guider offers ways to pick the correct bike size. Three methods involve the use of a chart that shows the corresponding bike size for the height of the rider, while others require calculating the bike size by measuring crotch height from the ground. The article also features a link to a bike fit calculator.

How to Ride Rollers When Cycling
Many road cyclists buy indoor trainers without considering rollers. While you do have to learn how to ride rollers, they have several advantages. Besides helping to improve your spin and your bike-handling skills, rollers aren't nearly as boring to use as regular trainers, according to this article. Steps to ride rollers include adjusting rollers for the bike you are using. You do not want the front drum to be just ahead of the front hub. Make sure the tires are in good condition. When you ride rollers, you won't have momentum. If you do fall off at speed, you won't fly at a speed rate, you'll simply flop over. Start riding in high gear. When you improve you can pedal in very low gears.

The Hub for Mountain Bikers
Mountain biking amateurs and pros, unite! This site features all sorts of mountain biking information, from useful forums where you can meet other mountain bikers, to a photo gallery where you can share shots of the dirt or your bike. A section on mountain biking gatherings and races is included, as is a news section to learn the latest in mountain bike happenings. A section on mountain bicycling product reviews will give mountain bikers reviews on top mountain biking products to help them determine if they want to buy them or not. You can even review trails in your area, and also connect with bike shops in your area!

Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes
So, what is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike? This is an appropriate question to ask if your new bike may be used for cycling in events other than triathlons. That is to say, for triathlons but also other types of riding in addition to triathlons. Many people think (incorrectly) a triathlon bike is only good for riding in triathlons. The representatives of the bike shop that wrote this article says that is not correct. Triathlon bikes are well suited for any type of long distance road riding where comfort and efficiency are the primary concern. More information about the comparisons and contrasts between road bikes and triathlon bikes is included here.

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