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Better Winter Skin Care
Winter can wreak havoc on skin for men and women, but many women are more concerned. The article says that keeping your skin in prime condition can be a challenge, especially in winter when not only are conditions more extreme, but your skin will be facing sudden changes in temperature. That's why exfoliating skin is so imperative for healthier skin. Cleansing and toning are also important and mentioned here. And of course, to keep skin hydrated in the winter, you must moisturize. Read on for more great skin care tips for women.

Chiropractor Care Can be a Family Affair
Chiropractors treat patients of all ages, and health care consumers who are looking for information about chiropractic for all members of the family can check out the information posted on this site. Make a point of clicking through to find the links to general information about chiropractic care, including what it is and who can benefit from treatments. Frequently Asked Questions are posted here, along with a link to a page with information for children.

Tips for Women Runners
The website HealthStatus gives many great tips for woman runners. While some of the tips and guidelines apply to all runners, some important facts are especially targeted to the needs of women runners. For example, women should know how to have controlled and blance anaerobic training intervals and repetitive hill trainings to strength and endurance. Headphones are not recommended because they make you vulnerable to attackers. And women's smaller feet mean they need shoes specfically desigined for female runners.

Chiropractic Care in Car Accidents
This article at Chiroweb.net discusses the connection between chiropractic care and when a car accident happens. According to the post, car accident victims should visit a doctor before settle their case with the insurance companies. Otherwise, these insurance companies will not pay for their treatment. Nevertheless, it is being advised to visit a chiropractor or a health professional trained in the biomechanics of the human body. This is even the person does not seem to feel any pain after the accident. The latter part of the article has a couple of questions regarding car accident, along with their respective answers.

50 Health Tips for Pregnant Women on About.com
If you are planning to get pregnant or you are now, you should maintain your health. If you’re not yet pregnant, it is recommended that you have a consultation known as a preconceptional health visit. Then, start changing your food habits and add variety of healthy foods. Take the necessary vitamins, do the right exercise, and avoid harmful chemicals such as smoking and alcohol. If you are now pregnant, add 300 - 500 calories a day. Read books and article about pregnancy. You can also baby sit a friend's newborn baby so you can learn the actual technique. Know also the danger of being pregnant and the signs of labor. For more information, check these 50 health tips at About.com.

For more resources, see the site at WomensHealthStyle.com.

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