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5 Resources Every Holistic Nutrition Student Should Know
If you are a current or prospective holistic nutrition student or a recent graduate, it is important that you are aware of the resources available to you, so you can achieve success in your chosen path. This article by American College of Healthcare Sciences Founder, President, CEO and Principal Dorene Petersen lists five such resources which can bring you numerous benefits. These benefits include building professional relationships and growing your professional network, enjoying membership perks, and even landing an internship and a job. Of course, these resources also make up a powerhouse collection of research and science-based information that you need.

Fighting Kidney Stones through Better Nutrition
Kidney stones are a very painful condition caused by the passing of the stone as it blocks the flow of urine and causes stretching of the ureters and the kidney pelvis. The condition can cause the block of urine, and chills, nausea and high fever are signs of infection. You can help pass stones faster by increasing your fluid intake. Eating a low-protein diet, and increasing vegetables and fiber, also helps. This page on the National Kidney Foundation website gives some nutrition tips to beat kidney stones, including limiting protein to three ounces at lunch and dinner. This is because kidney stones are popular where people eat diet protein (thatís why vegetarians rarely get stones.) This site includes tips and give specific foods that one should eat, such as barley, bran, corn, rye, oats, brown rice, and more.

Healthy Eating Tips by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF)
The benefits of being healthy is endless, and this includes being able to think more clearly, perform better in sports, as well as in academics. But because you should have healthy eating habits, here some tips by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF). First, you need to eat regularly especially breakfast. Second, you should eat a wide variety of food including fruits and vegetables. Third, you should avoid too much fat and foods that are high in sugar. The PAMF also has some tips on how to read food labels so you will understand the nutritional value of your food.

High-dose Vitamin C Linked to Kidney Stones in Men
Many experts have speculated that taking large amounts of vitamin C may contribute to the formation of oxalate-type kidney stones because of the metabolic conversion of vitamin C to oxalic acid. This article discusses a study by Swedish researchers (published by JAMA Internal Medicine in Feb. 2013) that details a connection between kidney stone formation and the use of Vitamin C supplements by some 23,000 Swedish men. The study was done over an 11-year period. The finding is that those men who took the vitamin C supplements were twice as likely to get kidney stones. On the other hand, use of a standard multivitamin did not seem to increase the risk of kidney stones.

Calcium Supplements: Should You Take Them?
Do you need to take a calcium supplement to make sure that youíre getting enough of this vital mineral on your diet? You probably don't need a general vitamin-mineral supplement if you are eating a reasonably varied diet most of the time, aren't restricting calories to lost weight, and generally don't skip meals. Because many people do not get a lot of calcium, people should eat a good diet and try a supplement. Calcium supplements are better absorbed from the intestine in the presence of lactose (the sugar of milk) and protein, the article says. Taking the calcium supplement with a glass of milk is ideal to get the max amount of calcium. After calcium is absorbed into your bloodstream, your bones will take up the calcium better in the presence of vitamin D. However, there may be drawbacks and even health risks to taking calcium supplements. This articles explains who should take them, the health benefits, and the potential risks.

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