Resources for Design of Specific Rooms

Outdoor Rooms
This website has a ton of links for great outdoor living. Tips and links include: hardware cloth luminaria, lawn games, outdoor party décor, summer entertaining, landscape lighting, porch swings, sleeping porches, creating a garden room, country porches, rustic porches, French-style verandas, brining indoors outside, decorated deck benches, terra cotta patios, tile-inlaid patios, charming brick patios, resurfacing patios, installing moon lighting and more.

Kitchen Renovation Trend Tips from
Today's kitchen is no longer just for cooking, as it now becomes a place to relax, eat, and even check your emails. But with the latest renovation trends, space can be a problem. Thanks to this article at, you can now have an idea on how to give your old kitchen a fresh new look, plan your lighting, maximize your food storage area, and many more. For your kitchen accessories such as sinks and drawers, there are tips on how to choose which of them can really make your life easier and more comfortable.

Improving Your Basement Lighting
One of the most challenging parts of decorating a basement is lighting. Many finished rooms have rather low ceilings, and this can cause the room to appear dark and almost cave-like. Tips include accentuating any natural lighting that is available. If you do have even one lone window, make sure your window treatments allow you to access any available sunlight. Another way to make the most of the lighting you have is to paint the walls a light color. Not necessarily white, just light. While at first this may not sound too interesting in the decorating sense, it can really help with your lighting challenge. Because of low ceilings, recessed lighting is a great option in a basement. For practical workspaces such as study areas and worktables, halogen or florescent lighting works well.

Designing a Home Recreation Room That is Fun
These days, more and more folks are fixing up their homes. Plans to spiff up the nest often include a game room, where family and friends come together for activities that transcend gender, age or ability. Tips for creating, designing and decorating a game room that is actually fun is provided in this asrticle in magazine. The magazine asked three area designers to fring a sense of fun into the game room in their choice of tables, lighting and wallcoverings. The article provide a large photo gallery of the components and overall designs that were created.

Comfortable Family Rooms
A family room is a social room in the house that should comforable, right? Midwest Living magazine provides an article full of photos on 29 comfortable family rooms. In achieving a comfortable ambience, you need not be stuck to one kind of design idea. The rooms in this article are all casual yet illustrated many style options, all designed for reaxing. Here are some example. A casual English country-inspired family room echos a sense of the part with items such as needpoint pillows, a rug-upholstered ottoman/coffee table, slipcovered seating, fintage art and a Dutch door. Going through these examples, you can see that there are many possibilities. Rethink aged pieced pieces to bring warm character to a room. Perhaps even paint them. A side table, an old carpenter's box carries the stuff of relaxation, such as a good book and a cup of tea. More than just pretty faces, pillows made with vintage needle art lend personality and comfort to an easy chair that is subtle enough in pattern and color to show off the artful pillows proudly. Beautiful objects arranged with simple symmetry draw the eye to them, turning a blank wall into a focal point. For a balanced display that pleases the eye, create a visual triangle. Place large objects first, in this case a boxy bureau topped with the architectural fragment. Then, fill in with right-sized items, working down and out to visually balance the sides as you go. Warm a fireplace wall by layering on family mementos.

Guide to Dining Room Tablecloths
Go beyond numbers and review this handy website, which shows what tablecloths fit different sizes of tables. If you have an oval, square, oblong or round table, you may want to check this website out. More tablecloths can fit on your table than you think, and this website gives great dining room tablecloth measurement advice before you head out to the store.

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