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Barcelona is Third European City for International Hotel Investors
This Barcelona Catalonia article makes use of ready data to prove that Barcelona is among the top hospitality real estate investment markets in Europe. The first data used in the article is from Irea, a financial and strategic consultancy firm, which states that currently, Barcelona is the third most popular destination in Europe for international investors, following London and Paris. This city has witnessed the opening of 65 hotels in six years, and 63 percent of the city's operational budget has been invested in hotels. According to Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona, with the city's phenomenal growth in the hospitality sector, the total number of hotels now stands at 352.

Is the Miami Real-Estate Market Too High for Investing?
This 2012 Bigger Pockets forum discussion thread about the prospects in Miami reveals that investors were losing faith in the real estate market. The Miami beaches hailed the tourists but disappointed the commercial real estate investors. The local property owners had their eyes peeled for international investors who were expected to be back during the sunny summer months. The 2012 Miami market was highly competitive, leaving very little margins on investment properties. This forum discussion reaffirmed public hope in the economic recovery and sure enough, a year later things did turn for the better in the Miami commercial real estate market.

Stockholders Hesitant to Invest in Hotels
This Hotel News Now (HNN) article looks at the global hotel industry from the economic vantage point. The current euro crisis resulting in plummeting hotel stocks, tension in the Middle East, and disruptive technologies—all contribute directly or indirectly to the growth of the hotel industry. Though revenue per available room still remains a useful metric in measuring the overall health of the hotel industry, the measurements are not prescriptive. In 2011, when RevPAR was up to approximately 7 percent, hotel stocks underperformed. This article provides an in-depth economic analysis of hotel stocks.

5 Reasons for Passive Real Estate Investing
This article discusses the advantages of passive real estate investing. According to this article, the top five reasons behind the success of passive real estate investing are as follows: 1) passive real estate allows tax deferred cash returns, enabling you to keep more of your earnings; 2) no tenants or property maintenance headaches; 3) no bank to deal with over loans; 4) reap the benefit of expert skills and knowledge, and 5) make money sleeping. Read the entire article to view the explanations of each reason.

Compelling Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate
Prime Locations in this article instructs the real estate investor community that in commercial real estates, the wealth can be accumulated in two ways, one through direct rental cash flow, and the other, through equity build up. The third option is to invest in a commercial property that returns both cash flow and equity. The author compares return from commercial real estate vs. returns from stocks or bonds, and argues that stocks and bonds do not generate any cash flow per se, and can actually produce negative returns if not invested wisely. Whereas in case of commercial real estate, rental income generates steady cash flow at low risk, and can also help build equity through different investment instruments.

The Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate on a Budget
The Realtor offers helpful advice on investing with a budget. Many cash-strapped real estate investors cannot think of investing in large metros as the prices are way beyond their reach. For such investors, the secondary markets in low cost cities provide a viable investment solution. As prices are likely to rise in these smaller markets, a wise real estate investor can buy and rent, buy and sell, or buy to live and rent out — all of which are attractive investment choices. Home Union has come up with a list of secondary markets, based on local economies, local employment growth, and rent hike or drop patterns. The cities that feature in the Home Union list are Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Phoenix, and Minneapolis.

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