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If you are a gardener, plant lover, explorer, cook, eater, etc. etc., then this is the place for you. The site was launched by Gayla Trail in 2000 to speak to a new kind of gardener, seeking to redefine the modern world relationship to plants. Obtain valuable information on topics ranging from garden ponds, organics, flowers, vegetables and more. Log on and check out this really useful site. The site is constantly being refreshed with new information. This site features a garden and seed swap, chats, and clubs you can join to get even more information. There is also an email forum that allows people to exchange ideas, information and photos. The perfect place to get your garden questions answered or to just have a garden discussion! Don't waste anytime, come check out this site.
The National Gardening Association has put together this site for beginner and advanced gardeners and everyone in between. Each week, a different article is featured on the front page. Gardening news is highlighted, and each gardening channel contains an informative feature article. There are many basic, 101 articles that will help a beginner get started in anything from organic gardening to food gardening. An events calendar will help you learn about tours, plant swaps, festivals and much more. Other gardening resources include regional reports, Q&A library, article library, buyer's guide, how-to projects, pest control library, zone finder, dictionary, food garden guide and even online courses. You can also check out message boards, and recipes.

Tips for Choosing Your Outdoor Fountains and Garden Art
Outdoor fountains and art can be incoporated into the design of your outdoor living space quite easily. Garden art includes anything other than the plants in your space. When you are trying to picture what you want to do with the space, consider how you can incorporate rocks, scuptures, outdoor fountains, swings, benches, and the like into your design. All of these features will add interest and help you convey a certain mood. With a bit of imagination, you will be able to find something that fits in your budget, no matter how modest it is.

Check Out What's New in Firepots for Garden Design
Fire pot designs are changing with the times, and you can learn about the innovations being made to these decorative pieces by reading this informative article. Find out how homeowners can use a firepot safely on a deck, combine them with Citronella gel to keep unwanted pests away and how you can beautify your outdoor living space by adding a firepot with a brass or brick finish.

Organic Gardening from
Organic gardening is the practice of growing fruits and vegetables, using only things found in nature. Absolutely no man-made chemicals are used. Although we usually do not think of it, Organic Gardening concepts also apply to the world of flowers, trees, shrubs, and even your lawn. It is gardening without harmful and artificial chemicals, or other products not naturally found in nature. Commonly today, chemicals and non-natural products are used for fertilizing, and for control of insects, disease, and weeds. Information about natural insecticides, composting for mulch and fertilizer, using manures, and more. A section on organic gardening news is noted. Includes a section on bulbs, flowers, fruit, herbs houseplants, lilacs and more.

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