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Find Building Calculators for All Types of Contruction Projects at Blocklayer
When you are involved in a construction project, you need to have accurate plans available to you immediately. not only provides you with numerous builders' calculators, but you can access this important information from you cell phone! No need to go offsite when you need to calculate measurements for stairs, roofing, dovetail joints, gazebos, and block gables. Also included here are calculators for concrete slabs, columns, angles, and tank volumes. Click on the Questions and Answers Tab to get answers about circles, angles, sheets, and rakes gables and centers. If you want to find out about block types and where they should be placed in a wall, golden ratio values, or how to lay out a concrete block fence, then this is the site for you!

How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit By an Existing Patio
If you are interested in adding a feature that will enhance your existing patio area, consider adding a fire pit. A good strategy is to start by building a retaining wall and get tips for measuring out the area for your outdoor fire pit. Discover how to deal with sod or turf in the location you have selected for it. The type of fire pits listed here use granite stones, and you will find out how to position a double row of them when setting it up.

Roofing Construction and Repair Tips From
Here's a comprehensive web site that will answer just about any question you have on roofing.'s section on roofing tips is a great place to start when you have a question or concern about your roof. This article offers guidance in assessing your roof's condition and estimating just how much work may be necessary to bring it up to snuff. There are also tips on roof maintenance—once you've constructed or repaired a roof, you'll probably be interested in taking care of it.

Arizona Roofing Contractors Association Offers Benefits to Consumers
Arizona residents who are looking for qualified roofing contractors can check out the listings posted on this website. Consumers can click on the location of their choice to see a list of companies offering this service. Click on the Consumer Information tab to discover why hiring a licensed roofing contractor is the best way for consumers to protect themselves from damages caused by a roofer's negligence. Tips for choosing roofing contractors and a list of questions to ask before hiring one are also provided.

Free The Freelancer with Shared Office Space Design
Author Jason Roberts offers some excellent advice on the advantages of shared office space for freelancers who would like to present a more professional front—and gives a number of tips on how to get a freelancing cooperative started. Key points such as finding right space, set-up, the division of monthly rent, how to effectively work together, maximizing your investment and even naming your office are discussed in detail.

Turn Concrete Pavers Into A Backyard Paradise
You don't need an engineer or a contractor to get this job done—home improvement project guru Ron Hazelton has included detailed instructions about patio building using concrete pavers in this comprehensive online article. Backyard patio design and building is made easy with a list of materials you'll need, a link to an online video and thorough steps, complete with photo illustrations, necessary to complete this home improvement project. Peppered throughout the instruction are useful tips to make your renovation project even easier.

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