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Get Advice from Roofing Specialists
Visit this blog to get tips to help you determine whether you should repair or replace your roof. At a certain point, replacing the roof is the wisest choice. Other posts provide information about choosing the right materials, finding a contractor and how to prevent ice dams.

Custom Corner Outdoor Fireplaces Increase Your Living Space
If you aren't familiar with how attractive corner outdoor fireplaces can be, check out the images on this blog post. You will discover why going for a custom design is the way to get the type of outdoor living space that you want. Consider installing a covered patio that includes one of the beautiful outdoor corner fireplaces available to homeowners today.

Roof Remodeling And Repair Advice At Your Fingertips From
If roof repair is even just a little intimidating to you, this site will answer your questions and offers great tips and advice when it comes to problematic repair issues such as safe measuring techniques, black mold removal, and repairing and maintaining gutters. The site includes an overview on gutter repair, a Flash presentation detailing the steps to take, a printable version and a shopping list so you don't find yourself halfway through a construction, remodeling or repair project and hit a roadblock because you're missing a key material or tool. You'll even find a link to complete a contractor search if you'd rather leave the work to the professionals.

Check Out Patio Fire Pits and Chimineas: A Hot Outdoor Trend
Adding an outdoor patio fire pit or a chiminea to your yard or patio area is an attractive and popular choice for modern homeowners. Find out about pricing, laws and regulations and different types available. Safety tips are provided, as well as suggestions for caring for your chiminea properly. A handy chart lets you compare clay, cast iron and cast aluminum chimineas at a glance.

B4UBuild Provides Something of Interest to Everyone Interested or Involved in Construction Projects
Whether you are an existing homeowner looking to move up into a custom home, a first-time buyer , a building contractor, or an architect, you will find something of interest at B4UBuild. Browse through the lengthy list of contruction books and check out over 11,000 house plans and elevations provided by 125 designers and architects. If you want to learn about the building process, you will find a list of homebuilding associations, a construction schedule, examples of building contracts, and links to online resources discussing building codes. Information and resources on building play areas for children are listed here, along with what you need to know about construction loans, narrow sidewalks and other pet peeves, and pricing for construction tools. Sign up for the newsletter or send in questions to be answered by the site owners.

Drink Up! Guides You Through Building A Home Bar
Building a new family room? Turning your basement into a party palace? If your home improvement project includes a new room or remodel for entertaining, you should consider including a home bar in your design. LiquorSnob has included a section with links to all the information you'll need to get the job done, and related articles to read prior to construction. After all, you'll need to know where to install the kegerator, right?

Placing Your Home On The Market? Here's Some Tips On How To Improve Your Resale Value
If you've made a decision to move to a new home rather than remodel your current one, that doesn't mean you are free and clear of completing any remodeling projects. This site offers a link to a "cost vs.value" report authored by the National Association of Realtors that give city-by-city breakdowns of which projects are adding the most resale value where. Additionally, the editors at have identified five top remodeling and renovation projects that can boost your home's value when you are ready to sell. For example, upgrading your home's siding can make a dramatic change to your home's resale value, to the tune of 103.6 percent of the cost! Other great projects? A middle-of-the-road bathroom remodeling project, minor kitchen renovations, and an attic bedroom remodeling project.


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