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Safe Travels for Savvy Elders: Tips for a Safe Vacation
Retirement is a stage of life that now accounts for 20 percent of the average adult's life span. This explosive extension of the retirement years is a result of a 50 percent increase in life expectancy, from 49 to 74 years since 1900. Today, instead of spending an average of only 1.3 years in retirement, people can look forward to at least 14 years of retirement living, according to Prof. David Demko, of the AgeVenture News Service. He offers these senior travel safety tips for the elderly and active adults who venture out on trips. These pointers include making sure you have enough time and money to see all the sites, taking comfortable clothing, keeping an open and patient mind, using traveler’s checks instead of cash, carrying emergency phone numbers, traveling with a buddy and sticking to their regular diet as much as possible. Taking a trip? Tons of senior safety travel tips are right here!

What Can a Chiropractor Do For Your Neck Pain?
In this article from News-Medical.net, neck pain sufferers can explore another opinion as to the efficacy of chiropractic spinal manipulation on chronic neck pain. It's a great overview for information, as it's a literature review combining the results of nine already-published trials. Neck pain is one of the more common complaints in a chiropractor's office, according to this article, with 18 percent of those patients naming it their primary issue. Visit Cooper Chiropractic Wellness Center

Find Out How to Handle Holiday Complaints at HolidayTravelWatch.net
While most people have good memories of their vacation time, that isn't always the case. HolidayTravelWatch.net, a UK-based site, provides helpful information for people who need to get away to recover from the disappointment of their last holiday. Find out how to get your holiday complaints resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Check out the Press Centre for thought-provoking commentary on issues affecting travelers.

Crime Prevention for Elders
Elder citizens can learn to protect themselves by following these tips for safety at home, with finances, in the car, while out shopping and while walking. Crime and the fear of crime create special problems for the elderly. Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility, not just a job for law enforcement, according to this site by the Sarasota, Florida County Sheriff’s Office. Tips include locking doors and windows, installing a peephole at your home door, avoiding walking alone at night, keeping your purse nearby, having your key ready when going to your home door, not carrying bulky bags, keeping car doors locked and stopping at traffic lights while keeping the car in gear.

Senior Home Exchange: The Key to Affordable Travel
Want to take a vacation? The Seniors Vacation and Home Exchange is a great place to start planning. You can do a straight vacation exchange of your home, or exchange hospitality vacations. Many elders want to travel and want to do so affordably. This site puts you in touch with other seniors for travel possibilities via exchanging homes. Geared for those over 50 who enjoy travel, home exchanging is a great way to save money and see the world! Browse listings to see why you should sign up and view photos of homes that you can stay in during your senior vacation.


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