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Common Sense Living
Among other things, this blog site shows you how to make time for more fun things in life. The Juggling Act is an ezine that includes motivations, recipes, tips and more to help you manage your time. The site includes sections on house cleaning, diet & health, heathy eating, getting motivated, taking care of yourself, fast food ideas and recipes, speed cleaning and working at home with kids. The site offers a free mini-course to change your life in just two weeks. There are also links to zip codes, car rental companies, travel agents, driving directions, drugstores, e-cards, online stamps, vacation planning, and phone services are included to make homes more organized via the Internet.

Life Organizers
If you're having a hard time getting started when it comes to organizing your home, your office and your life, then this site may be perfect for you. Life Organizers is filled with articles on everything from your office, to your finances and everything in between, but what makes this site so nice is that they don't expect you to read and absorb and put everything into practice at once. Life Organizers recommends that you start slow, and take it easy. Just read one article a day and see if you can put the ideas in that one article into practice in your life. It took a long time to get your home, your office and your life as messed up as they are, so why expect to clean them all up in a day?

Personal Organization from Mind Tools
This Mind Tools section shows you how to use personal time management skills. These are some of the most important career skills that you can learn. Time Management skills are essential for successful people - these are the practical techniques that have helped the leading people in business, sport and public service reach the pinnacles of their careers. The skills explained in the articles below help you to become reliable and effective and show you how to identify and focus on the activities that give you the greatest returns. The section finishes by explaining goal setting, which is a vitally important skill for achieving what you want to achieve with your life. Website includes sections on timed management, stress management, memory improvement, problem solving, practical creativity and decision-making.

Organizing Tips That Fit Your Personal Style
Not all of us have the same personalities and styles, even when it comes to organizing our things. In that case, here are five different characteristics of people and organizing approaches that they can do based on their personal preference. People dubbed as hiders are those who canít stand to see anything sitting out, while seekers are people who easily panic when they cannot find the things they need. On the other hand, chunkers like to spend long time in one project and hate to be interrupted. Bursters are people who are the direct opposite of chunkers. The last approach is so-called dive right in, where you prefer starting on the hardest item first.

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