Biking/Cycling & Training Resources (10)

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Resources
In this page at, the SF Bicycle Coalition offers a lot of resources about biking in San Francisco. This includes maps, routes, and how to bike on the streets legally. There are tips on how to secure your bike and what to do in case it was stolen. You can also help them improve the conditions of the streets by reporting potholes and unsafe street conditions or suggest improvements on their provided contact numbers and email address. In addition, you can register to their biking classes, which is available for both the young and adult.

Cycling Fitness Tips for Beginners
If you want to get fit through cycling, these tips at can help you. The first part explains the three different kinds of bikes that you choose from - mountain bike, road bike, and hybrid bike. Mountain bikes are durable but are heavier than road bikes. On the other hand, road bikes are faster than mountain bikes but are not suitable for taking off road. Hybrid bikes can be used in roads and off the roads, but they are not as fast as the two other bikes. The article also discussed the vital tools and gadgets you need, as well as the types of exercises you can do. The last part contains the details of a 6-week cycling training program.

Diagnosing and Preventing Chain-Suck in Bikes
This article explores chain-suck, which happens when pedals lock solid and the biker comes to a stop and then falls over the bike. It can be difficult to get rid of, and also damaging to the bike frame and drive-train components. This happens when there is mud of wet grit on the chain and cogs, or when gear changes occur on the front chain rigs. This article delves into the mechanics of chain-suck, with diagrams and more. There are two remedies for this, including ensuring that tooth pressure-faces are suitably shaped to disengage, even if loaded; and to disengage the bottom teeth that are not subjected to chain load as much. Read on for more to improve your biking.

Bicycle Times Magazine has articles and videos covering news, culture, adventures, events, and interesting stories about mountain biking. There are also reviews on different mountain bikes and various cycling products such as headlights, gloves, and other accessories. There is a special page that features various advocacies and latest bike rides. One of the biking tips that you can learn from is a list of simple steps on how to fix a flat tire. You can also check their online store and subscribe the printed version of their Bike Times Magazine, the latest media venture from Dirt Rag.

10 Track Riding Tips for Beginners
Track riding can be terrifying for beginners, but multi world champs medalist Rob Hayles has great tips on how it is being done properly. This includes proper preparation, the different kinds of wheels, how to get the right bike, how to do the correct riding position, and how to choose the right gears. You will also have an idea on how to get used in riding a fixed wheel bike, how to manage the bank, and how to bike along with other racers on the track. There are also tips about the events and how to handle a track meeting.

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