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Bike Magazine
BikeMag.com showcases the sport of mountain biking and features the trends, issues, and personalities. Being a well-respected online magazine, it has insightful feature articles, photos, video, and even wallpapers. Besides being able to subscribe the printed version of Bike Magazine monthly, you can also get the digital edition for both the iPhone and iPad, and also at Amazon. A bible bike is also available, where you view a wide gallery of mountain bikes for sale in three different categories cross country, downhill, and train/all mountain. This annual Bible of Bike Tests is dubbed as world's most comprehensive gear guide.

Best Triathlon Bikes
This website gives information about some of the best triathlon bikes. Though the versions may have been updated since this was published, it still gives a useful review of top triathlon bikes. Bikes mentioned include the Cannondale Mulisport 800, which as the aero rear triangle the minimizes shock. The Litespeed Saber is an updated version of the older Tachyon, but is more comfortable for riding. One of the best features about this bike is its durability. The rest of the website has more top triathlon bike picks.

International Bicycling News
Stay updated with bicycling news from across the globe. This website features news stories and articles that are frequently updated, as well as interviews with cycling pros such as Fast Freddie, Nathan O'Neill, the Giro Podium Girls, and other cycling pros. Learn tips to improve cycling, and browse the toolbox training section to do so. A section of bicycling travel and tours is also available to help you connect with other bicyclers and athletes.

Bike Forums
Every triathlete can get useful information from this site, and from other triathletes that have used the same products and been in the same races. There is a Tour de France forum, as well as a forum about bike maintenance. Need to find a good place in your area to bike? Check out the rides forum. A message board about racing, training and buying is also available.

Buying the Right Bike for You
This article on the ThoughtCo.com gives you everything you need to know about buying just about any kind of bike. It covers mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid and alternative bikes. It includes a bikie-sizing chart, and an article on Fitting a Bike, which is about the adjustments you can make to maximize your comfort. There is also an article on Must-Have Gear and Accessories for Commuters. Some for good advice is offered for being a smart shopper for a bike, such first borrowing the kind of bike you think you want to make it really is what you want. The author cautions against the temptation to go cheap because like everything else, you get what you pay for and you won't be happy over the long run because a bike is heavy and the components won't last long if they are not high quality.

Facts About BMX Biking
BMX biking is probably one of the more popular types of bike riding. The term BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, which was derived from the motocross, a kind of off-road motorcycling. Young people in the 1960s came up with the idea of using their bicycles to imitate the riding and racing styles of motocross riders. However, the bikes they used then were transport bikes that were weak in structure and were too large for off-road riding and racing. This paved the way for bicycle manufacturers to introduce BMX bikes that were specifically designed for the BMX race track. You can find more facts on BMX riding in this Livestrong article by Owen H. L. Davis.

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