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Bike Maintenance by Hilary Stone
If you ride a bike, it's important to take care of it. Whether you use your bike for leisure or triathlon racing, bike maintenance is important - and easy with this section of articles by bike maintenance expert Hilary Stone. The great thing about bicycles is that almost everything is visible and accessible for the home mechanic to deal with, according to Stone. But if you aren't into the fixings or don't have the time, he recommends that you make friends with your local dealer and have your bike serviced every six to twelve months (perhaps more frequently if you ride off road). With a few exceptions, most bike parts are fairly universal in their maintenance whatever discipline they are used for. This website covers trouble-shooting, emergency repairs and bike tools.

Bike Spoke Length Formula and Wheel Building Information
This section on the Wheel Fanatyk blog has information on calculating spoke length based on hub and rim measurements. The site features related links, and includes information on how to build a bike wheel. Geared towards experienced rides, there are formulas on how to calculate spoke length and other pro biking information such as how to find out which lacing pattern is best for you, and other mathematical formulas to help avid bikers get the best ride for speed and comfort. If you’re a pro biker, or really interested in the mathematics and physics of biking, this is a great site to visit.

How to Choose an Indoor Bike Trainer
When the weather gets chilly, or you just don't feel like going outside to train for a triathlon or improve your bicycling, cycling trainers, rollers, stationary bikes and spinning bikes are the perfect options. There are several pieces of equipment that will make your indoor riding experience productive. The first is a trainer for your bike. Trainers are designed to hold your bike upright with the back wheel in contact with the trainer. The unit provides resistance while pedaling, and there are various types of trainers to choose from: stand-alone resistance trainers (air, magnetic or fluid) and high-tech units (such as a CompuTrainer). These trainers operate through a computer. Rollers are another good indoor bicycling option. They consist of a frame with three revolving drums on which a bicycle can be ridden. Learning to ride rollers takes a lot of practice and bravery, though, as the rider is not "attached" like the trainer, and needs to balance upright while pedaling.

Bike Parts: The Basics
Looking for basic bike part information? This site will be useful for serious cyclers. Includes information on bike parts such as the aerobar, lighting, spare spokes, altimeter, compass, cycling computer, pump, saddles, panniers, bicycle racks and other tools that are used in biking, such as a spoke wrench, chain pliers, tire levers and Teflon oil. Repairing a bike? This is a great place to get information on the parts and components that will affect your ride.

Comfort Bikes VS. Hybrid Bikes
Bike riding is undoubtedly one of the best physical exercises there are. Depending on the type of cyclist, riding can either be a leisurely way to go sightseeing or an extreme workout. Anyone who’s interested in biking is - of course - thinking of getting their own bikes, but more often than not, they do not know which type to buy. Experienced cyclists know their way around bikes, so choosing which bike to get is easier for them. This article is for beginner cyclists who have less complicated requirements in getting a bike. It compares and contrasts comfort and hybrid bikes and lists the uses and benefits of each type.

Bike Maintenance: Seats, Tires, Brakes & More
Maintaining your bicycle, including the bike tires, is vital for triathletes who put wear and tear on their bikes during training and races. Most mechanical problems during an event are the result of poor maintenance and inspection. This website offers a standard maintenance program for your bicycle, which includes inspecting handlebars, checking releases on bicycle wheels, testing bike brakes, inspecting the saddle, inflating tires and more.

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