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Elements of Good Bicycling Form
Because the bike section is the longest portion of the triathlon, both in distance and time, it is important to feel comfortable and efficient while riding. If you can learn to become smooth on the bike, you will be able to save energy for the final run portion of the triathlon. There are several skills that you can practice in order to become a better cyclist. First, achieve a high cadence. Cadence is defined as the number of rotations per minute of your pedals. You can determine your cadence by counting how many times your right foot does a complete pedal circle within 10 seconds, then multiply by 6 for total rotations per minute. A good goal cadence is around 90 rotations per minute. This is equivalent to 15 pedal rotations of your right foot in 10 seconds. This may feel fast and awkward at first, but will get more comfortable. Shifting is also imperative, so you can stay at or near the cadence of 90 rotations per minute. In addition, you should practice achieving a circular pedal stroke. The rest of this article gives good cycling tips for a triathlon

New to Biking? Click on Over!
This is a personal website of a biker that isnít an expert, but provides practical information on how to choose a bike and more. Sections include parts of the bicycle, frames and forks, gearing, tires and rims, bicycle race training, and more. A links section will take you to other biking information on the Web. When choosing a bike, the author explains that itís important to determine the proper use of your bike. He says to ask yourself questions such as how much money are you comfortable spending on a bike, who do you plan to ride with, and what kind of biking do you plan to do with the new bicycle? A useful site for those new to the world of cycling.

Improving Bicycling Speed
Improving pedaling form is the easiest way to improve cycling speed, according to the author of this article. Many cyclists pedal much harder with one leg than the other, or apply pressure unevenly throughout the stroke. These problems can be solved with a few simple pedaling drills. This will give you a faster speed without any extra effort. The next step to a faster time is to train very specifically for the event you plan to enter. An athlete planning on racing in a short style road race should train much differently than an athlete planning on doing the 180km of an Ironman. In general, the shorter the race, the higher the intensity. Training intensity should match race intensity, so the type of course you will race on needs to be considered.

Maintaining Your Bike Seat and Tires
Maintaining your bicycle, including the bike tires, is vital for triathletes who put wear and tear on their bikes during training and races. Most mechanical problems during an event are the result of poor maintenance and inspection. This website offers a standard maintenance program for your bicycle, which includes inspecting handlebars, checking releases on bicycle wheels, testing bike brakes, inspecting the saddle, inflating tires and more.

How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire
The tips for fixing a flat tire on this website are useful, especially for triathlon cyclists. These notes come from a clinic taught by an expert. The author notes to first shift into the smallest gear, then open the rear brakes. Remove the rear tire and push the valve-in, making sure not to pull it out toward the tire axle. The rest of the tips here sum up how to change a tire during a race - a must have for cyclists who want to get the change done and keep on riding.

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